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Cognitive Systems Engineering (One Day): I introduce the fundamental concepts of cognitive systems engineering and provide an in-depth treatment of selected and relatively straight-forward methods of cognitive systems engineering.  I cover naturalistic decision making, macro-cognition, the critical decision method and decision-centered design. As source material for the exercises, I draw on narratives of counter-insurgency operations by US Marines as described in Donavan Campbell’s book, Joker One. [Course Description][Course Outline]

Human Systems Integration (Five Day): Hosted by Project Performance International. I extend the one-day course to cover Cognitive Work Analysis, Cognitive Systems Design, Cognitively-Inspired Performance Measurement, & Human Systems Effectiveness & Safety. [Course Description] [Course Outline] [Visit PPI site for Schedule]

Work Domain Analysis (One Day): Work Domain Analysis is the most challenging stage of Cognitive Work Analysis. I explain & clarify the fundamentals and use exercises to help delegates embed the basic strategies for doing the analysis. [Course Description] [Course Outline]

Knowledge Presentations (Two Day): It's not about PowerPoint. It's about knowing what to say, how to connect to your audience, & being comfortable as you present. There are a few excellent courses & books that can help business professionals and I cover the relevant ideas, but the content of a Knowledge Profession is more complex. How should you deal with that? And if you are a non-native speaker of English, I can help you with language as well. [Course Description] [Course Brief]


Visit the PPI site to see the latest schedule for my 5-day Human Systems Integration workshop.

Download the slides from the one-day Cognitive Systems Engineering workshop I conducted with Gary Klein, Laura Militello, Cindy Dominguez and Corey Fallon here and the book chapter that describes it here.

For further information or to schedule a workshop in your workplace or location, contact me on

Cognitive Eror, Cognitive Design

I review some of the issues surrounding cognitive error and briefly discuss ideas for reducing their frequency and for dealing with their consequences. Read or download the paper and a short slide show here.


Why Cognitive Systems Design?

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Cognitive Performance Assessment

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Three-page brief on the nature of and rationale for Cognitive Systems Engineering

Flash Movie [16 MB], Cognitive Systems Engineering for Systems Engineering, summarizes the theme of my 5-day CSE workshop [or download the zip folder]

Flash Movie [5 MB], Cognitive Systems Engineering Course Overview lays out the course structure of the 5-day Cognitive Systems Engineering workshop [or download the zip folder][after extraction, double click 'CSE5 Course Overview_skin']

Four-page brief on the essentials of Engineering & Scientific Presentations